Multimedia Ink Designs has been creating and hosting websites for over twenty years. We have been successfully marketing products and services on the internet in nearly every advertising sector since before the internet became popular. Over the years of web development, we have kept close watch of successful internet marketing strategies. Our resulting formula is cost effective for the website owner and useful for the end-user.
Our hearty web servers have transferred billions of files to millions of internet users since 1993. Hundreds of thousands of unique individuals each week browse among the dozens of commercial tenants of our online mall, the Internet Ad Emporium. Our long-standing good reputation, our wide distribution of global links, and our history of satisfied customers means you can count on us to take your website where it needs to go.
Feature Rich Our cache of resources enable us to complete all work in-house: high-quality graphic art, expert HTML programming, powerful CGI scripting, integrated database, e-commerce, secure server technology, inline scripting languages, and high-end hardware to run our large volume web servers and search engines.
Fast Reliable Friendly We run fast, redundant, parallel web servers with regular back-up systems, and battery and UPS protection to provide our clients with the most reliable web service available. Our primary FIBER OPTIC connection is one hop from the backbone. Our tireless staff monitors the traffic load and efficiency of our servers round-the-clock, making adjustments where necessary. When you have questions or need a bit of help, you call or email us and we take care of your needs right away.
PARTIAL PORTFOLIO Undergoing Renovation....please check back soon.